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Are you looking to make your intimate moments more flavorful? Many couples choose to enhance their intimate moments with flavored personal lube. Adding flavored lubricant to the mix stimulates the senses and makes oral pleasures that much more pleasurable. What is the best flavor for edible lubricants?

People Love Strawberry Flavor

The strawberry has been a favorite since ancient times. They were known to exist in Italy since 234 BC. Though wild American Indians were cultivating them in the 1600s, strawberries have been cultivated by settlers since the 1830s. Today, strawberries are one of America's favorite fruits.

Strawberry is the Best Edible Lubricant Flavor

How does this famous flavor fare when compared to other fruit flavors for personal lubricant? Strawberry is the most popular flavor by a landslide. In Google, Strawberry flavored personal lubricant has 48% of all searches for specific flavored lubricant. Cherry comes in second at 32%. These two flavors account for four fifths of all specific personal lubricant flavor searches combined.

What is the Best Strawberry Personal Lube?

Strawberry is the number one flavor for sex lube, but which strawberry sex lube is the best? There are several popular manufacturers of personal lubricant that also make flavored edible lubricant. The strongest names in the personal lubricant industry are Astroglide, Doc Johnson, ID Lubricants, System Jo and Wet international. These quality sex lube manufacturers each have excellent strawberry edible lubes.

Astroglide Has the Best Strawberry Lubricant

One of the most popular strawberry flavored lubricants is made from Astroglide. Of all manufacturers, Astroglide has the highest search volume when it comes to Strawberry lubricant. Another indicator of Astroglide's superiority -- it has the most reviews at (a popular product review website). At buzzillions, Astroglide's strawberry lube has the highest positive reviews. Everyone there says the taste is great. From my personal experience, Astroglide is the winner for water-based edible strawberry flavored sex lubricant.

Are Flavored Lubricants really Edible?

Lubricants that are water-based and flavored are safe to digest in quantities that would be expected from tasting personal lubricant applied before engaging in oral sex. In general, all water-based lubricants are designed from materials that are safe to consume, but when a product is "flavored", it is certainly safe to eat. Do not be afraid if you swallow flavored lubricant during a sexual encounter -- it is perfectly safe.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Strawberry Flavored Sex Lube

Water-based lubricants have advantages over other sex lube types. They are considered safe to consume -- water-based lubricants are the only type of personal lubricant that are made into flavored edible lubricants. Being water-soluble, they are easy to wash. Strawberry flavored lubricants that are water-based can tend to get sticky as the water evaporates. This can be remedied by applying water to the lubricant, or by reapplication of the sex lube. Another disadvantage of water-based lubricants is that, being edible, they sometimes can feed yeast infections. Therefore, do not use them if you have had issues with recurring yeast infection.


If you would like to enhance your intimate time with flavored lubricant, try strawberry flavor! You cannot go wrong with the most popular flavor of sexual lubricant.

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It's a physical fact of life: after forty a woman's estrogen level starts to decline in preparation for menopause. Along with it the body's ability to produce its own natural lubricant decreases, too. If you
also take anti-histamines, anti-depressants or antibiotics, it can make it that much worse. Women over forty need to use lube (short for lubricant) every time they have sex or use sex toys.

Without lube
microscopic tears can happen in the vagina and on the clitoris (which is the most sensitive skin in the entire female body). The bottom line is that vaginal dryness makes for painful sex. Where there's pain, there's avoidance.

Top that off with a decreased libido due to the hormonal imbalance, and that makes for an unhappy situation. Fortunately lube is readily available. With all the lube choices available, here are a few guidelines on how to choose the best lube.


Always test for allergic reactions.
Spread some lube on the skin of the inner thigh or inner part of the upper arm. Finding out about an allergic reaction after spreading it around the vulva is painfully late.
Use only water-based or silicone lubes.
They are specifically designed to use for sexual activity. Any oils or petroleum products are difficult to wash off and can cause infections.
Look for a lube that's slippery.
Put some lube between your thumb and forefinger, rub them together and pull them apart. If it feels sticky or tacky, pass on it.
Taste the lube.
All lubes are edible whether or not they are flavored. Give it a taste test. It's easy to accidentally get lube in the mouth and a distasteful one can ruin an intimate moment, so it's better to find out beforehand.

Lubes are the best way to help keep the sexual desire burning when your body runs low on it's own supply of lube.

Unfortunately there isn’t any research that has directly looked at the impact of personal lubricants on encouraging the growth of yeast, and promoting yeast infections. So there isn’t a simple answer to this question but here’s what lubricant manufacturers, and health conscious sex store owners, say about it.

Most water-based lubricants contain glycerin which is a ‘sugar alcohol’ with a sweet taste. Those who suspect that lubes cause yeast infections usually believe that glycerin is the culprit because the yeast feed on sugar, and they assume that having more sugary liquid in the vagina could encourage more yeast. This is why many sex stores tell customers that using lubricant with glycerin could encourage a yeast infection.

On the other hand, there is actually no proof that this is the case, and women use water based lubes with glycerin all the time without getting yeast infection. In fact the makers of Astroglide (your lube of choice) point out that glycerin is sometimes an ingredient in yeast infection medication. But they also say on their website that if you already have a yeast infection, glycerin could make it worse.

The same might be true for women who are prone to getting yeast infections, and the bottom line is that yeast infections are so annoying, why not take preventative action. There are glycerin free water based lubricants, and all silicone based lubricants are glycerin free, so avoid it if you know it’s a problem.

That said, if you aren’t prone to yeast infections, and haven’t had a problem with a lubricant you love, there’s no reason to switch just because it contains glycerin.


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Basic Lube Info
First of all, stay away from any oil-based lubes. Yeah, yeah, I know, it's all "natural" and "from the earth" and all that jazz, but oil isn't good for women’s bodies. Or condoms, gloves or toys made of latex.

Second, avoid any lube or lubricated condom with nonoxynol-9 (spermicide) in it--it DRASTICALLY increases your chances of contracting HIV if you have sex with an infected partner. It's because nonoxynol-9 is corrosive. That's what makes it a good sperm killer, and why so many women feel itchy and rashy after using it. It tastes like ass pickled in vinegar, anyway. So don't bother.

Third, if you're prone to yeast or bladder infections, try to avoid lubes containing glycerin. It seems to promote the growth of yeast & bacteria in women who have problems with chronic infection. Ok, on to the good stuff!
The Best Lubes for Oral Sex
Many people going down don't like to use lube; they don't want anything to compete with getting female juices up to their ears and eyeballs. (Understandable.) But, if you suffer from dry mouth, or if the receiving partner has exceptionally delicate skin (this can be especially true for women after chemo or radiation treatments), adding a little lubricant can make things much more comfortable.

Unfortunately, some of the best sex lubes have a terrible aftertaste. And, many flavored lubes are full of sugar and glycerin, making them incompatible with vaginas. What to do? I suggest one of two options: 1)Sliquid Swirl is a tasty, water-based, sugar-free, glycerin-free, paraben-free, vegan line of lubes available in 4 flavors. 2)Any high quality, medical grade silicone lube (such as Swiss Navy, Pink, Eros, or Pjur) will do. They are completely taste-free, and you'll only need a tiny smidge. (Both those options work for fellatio, as well.)

WomanzoneFeminine PleasureGel WetTogetherHisandHersLube
SwedeWoman Sensitive Wet Fun Flavors lotion
Sliquid Sizzle TengaHole Lotion
SlideLubricant 50ml TENGA Egg Lotion
Pre Seed Lubricant Tolove Oral Gel
Ride Silicone Blend VeryPrivateIntimateMoisture
TAOI Pure Pleasure WET LIGHT
Splash Chocolate Waterbased WildDelicious StrawberryCo
SpikeUltimate ExtraAnalLube Pink Unity Hybrid
Sliquid Swirl PinkFrolic ToyLubricant
Shiatsu Personal Lubricant MR THICK DICK
Swede Aqua Comfort Lust For Lube
Slippery Stuff Lube In Inserts
RelaxxxWoman AnalSpray Love Liquid Waterbased
RepHresh Vagina Gel Lifestyles Warmlovin
PleasurePotion SiliconeLubE Lifestyles Natural Lubricant
Sterile Lubricant Sachets KY Warming
super silk250ml KY Sensual Mist
supersilklube100ml KYJELLY Lubricants
Swede Fruity Love ky intrigue lubricant
PleasureBalm RaspberryKiss Kissable IceCremeCooling
PJURMED StimulatingSpray Kimono Aqua Lube
PJURMed NaturalGlide JoyLite SuperGlide
SwissNavy 2in1 Premium IntimateOrganics ClitoralStimulationGel
swissnavy flavored IntimateOrganicsAnalRelaxingSpray
SwissNavy Silicone Innuendo Anal Gel
SWISSNAVY WaterBased Lubricant ID sensations
System JO H20 ID Pleasure
ID Moments Hypoallergenic ID Glide
ID Millennium ID Flavored Lubricant
id lubricants Hot Stuff Sampler
IDJuicy LubeCoolMint HotPink PersonalLubricant
IDHimUnscentedLubricatingCream HotCinnamon AnalLube
IDHimLeatherScentedLubricatingCream GunOil Stroke29
Gun Oil Pump GunOil JackJelly
GunOil H20 GunOil ForceReconHybrid
Good Head GoldenGirl AnalJelly
GLIDE 4 YOU GlacierGlide LubeBanana
Geisha Premium ForPlaySucculent FlavouredLube
ForPlay Liquid ForPlay Gel PLUS
ForPlay Gel ForPlay DeLuxeGelPLUS
Foaming Intimacy Lubricant EZ AccessDesensitizing AnalSpray
EXS Clear Lube Eros Woman
eros up Eros Mega Slide
Eros Body Glide EROS BlowandGlow
EROS 101 Endurance Silk Libricant
Emerita OH WarmingLubricant Elbow Grease Gel
EdenBliss Lubricant DurexPlay warmer
DurexPlayTingleLubricant DurexPlay passionchery
DurexPlay Massage2in1 DurexPlay HeatLubricant
DurexPlay GelwithAloeVera DurexPlay FeelLubricant
DocJohnson UltraLube docjohnson rearentrydesentisinglubricant
divineliquid intimatelubricant Climax Kiss Lubricant
ClimaxBursts SamplerBox Climax Bursts Lubricant
BOYS OWN LUBE Bondara Luxury Lubricant
Astroglide X Astroglide warming
Aquaglide Original Lubricant Aquaglide Original Flavoured
AquaglideAnal Lubricant Aqua Comfort Lube
ApronalAnal ReliefSpray Anal Lube
anal blu lubricant AnalEse DesensitisingCream


*Special note to overzealous partners about silicone: You only need a teeny tiny bit. Don't go nuts. It's very effective in small amounts. Like a few drops. No, really. I appreciate your enthusiasm. But if you go chugging half a bottle of silicone, it's going to have a laxative effect. Silicone makes things move, you see. (Psst...that's also one of the reasons we know it doesn't get "absorbed" by your tissues. It goes right through and out the other side. Doctors have been giving silicone for profound constipation for years.)
The Best Lube for Use with Dildos
First, ask yourself two questions: 1) what's my dildo made of, and 2) Am I willing to use a condom on it? Your answers will dictate what lube you CAN use.

Silicone is definitely the superior material for dildos. It's inert, hypoallergenic, non-porous, and sterilizable. Just one thing: you can't use silicone lube directly on a silicone dildo. Which is too bad...silicone lubes stay slippery FOREVER, and you only need to use a little tiny bit. But if you put a condom on your silicone dildo, you CAN use silicone lube. AHA! (You also get to be lazy when it comes to cleanup.) If you don't want to use condoms, you can use any water based lube.

If your toy is made of latex or some other soft plastic, use a water based lube. They're easiest to wash off. I really do recommend you use condoms on these toys, as they tend to be porous and can harbor bacteria, and they often sweat toxic chemical softeners as they age.

Our best selling water-based lubes are Liquid Silk (very long lasting, and it's creamy appearance make it good for gender play) and Sliquid H2O (virtually chemical free and vegan).
Best Lube for Anal Sex
The best lubes are THICK, gel-like water based lubes, like Maximus, Slippery Stuff Gel, or Astroglide Gel Formula. Thicker lubes provide more bulk and cushion, which help protect your delicate rectal tissues. They also stay where you put them...which is nice, considering that you have to use lots & lots of lube for anal play. NEVER, NEVER use any kind of numbing creams or lubes for anal sex (the ingredients list would say "benzocaine" or "lidocaine"). Anal play done PROPERLY to a healthy butt never hurts. Really. I mean it.
Best Lube for Hand Jobs
Yay, genital massage! I like silicone for this. It's long lasting, and if it turns into a full body massage, silicone lube makes a good massage medium...or if you want to finish off with your mouth, the taste won't kill you. However...if you're having a quickie in the car or the bathroom, silicone can stain fabrics, so if you want to leave with no evidence, water-based lube might be better. I've also noticed that a good double-palmful of a thick water-based lube like Maximus or Slippery Stuff Gel makes VERY satisfying squelchy noises if you're going for over-the-top porno effect. I guess it depends on what you're after.
Best Lube for Vibrators
Like with dildos, you have to know what your vibe is made of, and if you'll use a condom on it. Though with vibrators, many are made of hard plastic, which is compatible with all lubes in addition to being easy to clean. Only some vibes get inserted into the body--but if you find that putting a little lube on your toy enhances the sensation you get from it, even with external use, go for it!
Things to remember about lube:
Everybody needs it once in awhile
What works for you may not work for your lover. That's why there's so many! Experiment.
Always read the bottle; check for ingredients that are known allergens/irritants to you
Buy small bottles until you find something that works great
Keep experimenting! Try testers & pillow packs. New product comes out all the time!
Keep bottles tightly closed, and buy a new one after a year or two if you haven't used it up.

A personal lubricant is a substance used to reduce friction during sexual activities and occasionally during other activities involving the sexual organs. During intercourse, a personal lubricant can assist in ease of penetration and reduce risk of injury due to friction.

When a lubricant is used for other sexual activities, such as manual stimulation of the genitalia, it usually serves to reduce friction from rubbing. Lubricants may also have stimulating qualities and promote arousal by design. The most common non-sexual usage of personal lubricants is during medical examinations of the genitals or anus in order to ease discomfort from friction, although there are a variety of other non-standard uses of personal lubricants.

Human beings produce natural lubrication when sexually aroused, and this is the substance the most basic personal lubricants are designed to replace. Individuals may not produce sufficient lubrication in the right places to comfortably participate in certain activities, and so an artificial personal lubricant may be used. There are, additionally, lubricants that are intended to improve on the functions of natural lubricants. For instance, some companies claim that a warming personal lubricant improves sexual satisfaction, while others assert that flavored lubricants improve oral sex for one or both partners. Many lubricants are designed for use during specific activities, and these products typically expound their particular virtues and benefits on the label.

A personal lubricant may be made from a variety of materials, but the most common types are water-based and silicone-based formulas. Oil-based personal lubricants also exist, and many oil-based substances were once used as unofficial lubricants. Knowing which ingredients are in the lubricant being used is very important because some ingredients can interact with common materials such as silicone or latex.

Water-based lubricants are very safe and effective but have a number of disadvantages. They can exacerbate yeast infections, they tend to dry out, and they may leave the skin feeling sticky after use. Silicone-based lubricants, on the other hand, are not absorbed into the skin and so do not dry out. Unfortunately, this type of lubricant can damage silicone objects, and so only water-based lubricants should be used with silicone. Beyond these restrictions, which formula constituted the best personal lubricant is largely a matter of personal preference.
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Beyond the intended uses of personal lubricants, many people find that these products can be used in other projects that require lubrication. For instance, using a personal lubricant can help remove rings stuck on fingers, or ease other trapped body parts out of tight spaces. Games have also evolved involving personal lubricants, such lube wrestling. Personal lubricants may be good to have around the house for practical uses and emergencies, although other substances could also perform these functions in a pinch.